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When the word ‘selfie’ became an actual word, my grandpa had me explain to him what it meant. When I finished, he found this picture and asked “is this a selfie?” I told him it was and he simply said “I was taking selfies before it was cool.”
So here’s my grandpa taking a selfie in his Coast Guard uniform. (Circa 1959)
Can we make my grandpa internet famous? I’d love to explain to him what Tumblr is. ;P

Haha this rules


Anonymous asked:

Hey, how's your night going? I like your name. It's pretty.

I tried to answer this before, but I guess that didn’t post.

I’m really sorry I was an asshole and forgot to reply to this for so long (since I assume you sent this at least a day ago, if not longer).

Anyway, my night is going pretty good so far. I have these pretty purple lights strung above my bed, so I have all the lights off except those, which is really quite beautiful. And I’m having a mini Simpsons marathon until I pass out, which is always a good time.

Thank you for the compliment as well, sweet anon. I’d probably tell you the same thing if I knew your name. But even as an anon I know you’re a wonderful person.

Hope to talk to you again soon, love.

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